Florida YMCA Youth In Government

Conference on National Affairs (CONA)

For more than 50 years, students from across the country have been convening on a mountainside in North Carolina to debate the merits of national and international issues.  More than twenty (20) delegates are chosen to represent the state of Florida.

This week-long conference allows delegates who are committed to the Youth In Government program to experience a new level of debate, camaraderie, and sense of family and statehood.

Prior to the Conference on National Affairs (CONA), selected delegates write a proposal expressing their ideas about an issue of national or international importance.

These proposals are put through a three-committee process, as the merits are thoroughly debated. While the discourse is a large focus of the week, it is a small part of the total experience.  CONA is not a debate competition – it is a national forum for delegates to continue their leadership development.

Delegates, who apply prior to the Assembly, will be observed throughout State Assembly. Advisors, Program Coordinators, Graduate Advisors, as well as peers will be polled for input.

Members of Florida’s CONA delegation, as well as a number of alternates, will be announced at the closing ceremonies of our annual State Assembly in Tallahassee.