Florida YMCA Youth In Government

Judicial Program


The YIG Supreme Court bench consists of a chief justice, senior justices, and associate justices. The court hears cases that have been fictitiously appealed through Florida’s court system.

The YIG Supreme Court is not a trial court, like those in Perry Mason or Law & Order, where the parties dispute the case facts. Instead, the attorneys here argue legal issues raised by undisputed facts. For example, attorneys will not argue whether a criminal defendant in fact broke the law, but whether the law is constitutional or whether the trial court applied it correctly.

Each YIG Supreme Court law firm is assigned either a criminal or civil case and is expected to argue and submit a brief on behalf on both the petitioner and respondent. Students will also individually prepare questions to ask as a delegate justice. Before State Assembly, attorneys research and submit written briefs. During State Assembly, they will engage in oral arguments with other firms’ attorneys, and pose questions to other firms as delegate justices.


The YIG District Court of Appeal hears fictitiously appealed cases from the trial courts. Like Supreme Court cases, the parties dispute the legal issues, not the facts.

District court attorneys are assigned to represent a particular side in a designated criminal or civil case. They prepare memos individually before State Assembly. During State Assembly, they will be assigned to law firms with fellow district court attorneys. Experienced legal researchers will help district court attorneys expand on their memo arguments and prepare them for oral arguments. District court attorneys will then engage in oral arguments with other firms during the course of State Assembly.


For More information about the Judicial Program, e-mail us at judicial@floridayig.net