Florida YMCA Youth In Government

Program History

Cabinet is changed to an application process, and students are selected to head up various Executive Agencies & Bureaus.

A third level is added to the Legislative Program to allow for more students to participate.

The volunteer College Staff is disbanded and reformed as the Graduate Advisors to more accurately reflect their duties and level of involvement.

The Governor’s Cabinet is downsized to reflect the actual members of the Florida Cabinet. Students apply for the positions and applicants are recommended by the Lt. Governor and appointed by the Governor.

The three levels of the Legislative Program are renamed to avoid confusion and honor three men who significantly shaped YMCA history – George Williams, Thomas Sullivan, and Anthony Bowen.

A second level is also added to the Judicial Program – the Circuit Court – designed to give freshman a richer judicial experience and a chance to “learn the ropes”.

The election of Associate Justices is discontinued and an appointment process, by way of an application, begins.

The Circuit Court is renamed the District Court to more accurately reflect Florida’s judicial appellate process.

The Governor’s Cabinet is again restructured to mirror the 1998 Florida Constitutional Amendment – which went into effect in January of 2003.

Florida YIG develops and introduces a state lapel pin.

The Chief Financial Officer and Commissioner of Agriculture positions are changed from being appointed by the Governor to being popularly elected by their peers, to more accurately reflect the process. Both offices become part of the statewide Presiding Officer Corps (PO).

The first annual Summer Leadership Conference (SLC) is held to train incoming chapter leadership and Y-staff.

The position of Editor-in-Chief becomes an appointed position chosen from the outstanding members of the Press Corps delegates. The Editor would serve in the upcoming program year and is added as the thirteenth member of the Presiding Officer Corps.

Project Legacy is launched through a grant from the YMCA of the USA. The effort to connect alumni and current program participants is set up as a multi-year project.

The first annual Service Rally is held, delegates from across the state gather in central Florida for 24 hours of leadership and community service.

The Jr. Youth In Government program is launched, providing opportunities for Middle School students to participate in a model government program of theirShow All »