Florida YMCA Youth In Government

Running for Presiding Office


Elected or appointed to lead their respective program areas.

At the core of Florida YMCA Youth In Government’s youth-run, youth-led programs, Presiding Officers serve as the youth Board of Directors.

Meeting a number of times during the course of the year POs serve the program, to discuss, plan, and execute the tone, theme, and events of the program year (SLC, FDC, Jr. Assembly) as well as the details of the State Assembly.


Each Presiding Officer carries a three-fold responsibility: to the State Program, to their program area, and to their local Chapter & YMCA Delegation.

The job of the Presiding Officer is to balance these responsibilities in contributing to the growth of the Florida YIG program.  Presiding Officers often cite a feeling of involvement and contribution, and many who seek Presiding positions talk about wanting to give back to the program, a desire to guide and assist others, and the idea of leaving a legacy of inspiration.


Elected Presiding Officers include the Governor and Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture, Chief Financial Officer, and the leaders of all four legislative chambers.

These officers are nominated at the Fall Delegate Convention and then elected at the State Assembly.  They serve in the program year after their election; those elected at the State Assembly will serve throughout the following year and at the next State Assembly.


All other PO positions are appointed.

A selection process for these appointments includes the evaluation of pre-assembly submissions and performance at State Assembly, contributions to Chapter and Delegation development, and the advice of program area Graduate Advisors and Program Coordinators.

Appointments are announced at the closing ceremonies of the State Assembly prior to the year the appointees are to serve.


Becoming a Presiding Officer is a great responsibility, and the positions should not be sought or entered into lightly.

By becoming a PO, you are committing your time and effort for the upcoming program year!

Presiding Officers disqualify themselves from the Presidency of their local chapters and work long hours to prepare for each of YIG’s events and conferences.  Presiding is a life-changing experience, in part because the experience in servant leadership is one that involves a great deal of hard work and commitment to the program, and the Presiding Officers team.