Florida YMCA Youth In Government


The Y-Corps 2020 trip was canceled due to COVID-19, but Y-Corps 2020 (aka Y-Corps"antine") will take place through a virtual experiential learning academy with the purpose of building up participants as ideal community leaders and candidates for the Y-Corps 2021 trip. This curriculum is designed to plan, develop, and implement service-learning into the participant's chapters/clubs, lives, and communities. This year, this program will be open to all Y Teens that are rising into grades 8-12 (for the 2020-2021 School Year). 

As participants in Y-Corps"antine", students will take part in: 

  • Understanding what community service means
  • Planning direct and indirect services
  • Differences between volunteering and service
  • Service hours that can be counted toward Bright Futures, other scholarships, or requirements
  • Character Development
  • Networking & Professional Development
  • How community service ties into being civically engaged

By the conclusion of Y-Corps"antine", students will have completed a full cycle of service-learning, publish a passion project to work on for the rest of the year, and gain service hours for their resumes, college applications, and academic records.

 Register for Y-Corps 2020 (Y-Corps"antine") Here

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 24th – 5:00pm ET
Y-Corps Fee: $100

If we reach capacity, a waiting list will be opened for additional participants.

Need-based scholarships are available to interested participants. Please email info@floridayig.net for more information.

Welcome Packets will be sent out on the week of July 27th following the conclusion of registration. Our a Welcome and Orientation Session will take place the week of August 3rd 2020. 


Y-Corps"antine" Programming

Y-Corps will take place over the course of 5 months (August-December), with participants engaging on the themes, topics, and issues listed above in a variety of virtual formats – each designed to offer different levels of interactivity and collaboration:

  • Y-Corps Seminars (1 per month) – Each 1st week of the month will consist of one virtual seminar for all participants with the introduction to that month's 
  • Cohort Meetings (1 per week) – In addition to our virtual sessions, participants will be assigned to a Y-Corps Cohort, which will be organized based on which of the Y’s Areas of Focus and the ideal service project listed on their registration form. These cohorts will be designed to offer assistance on designing and implementing their service project(s), and sharing opportunities and successes. 
  • Passion Project (on-going) - This will be an ongoing service-based work product students will collaborate on with each other, members of their community, and other stakeholders they identify through the process. 

Y-Corps"antine" - Why Should I Participate?  

  • There will be service opportunities! We can help fulfill community service hour requirements or required projects.
  • You will learn project planning with guidance, feedback, and support alongside service-learning skill development from our outstanding Y-Corps Leadership Team!
  • You will receive character, personal, and professional development training!
  • You will get to spend time with your favorite Y friends!