Safety Around Water

Water Watcher Campaign


Save a Life. Become a WATER WATCHER.

The Y is committed to raising awareness around the preventable tragedy that is youth drowning. Swim lessons are an essential part of keeping kids safe in and around the water, but there’s no substitution for parental or adult supervision. Often times when everyone is watching the kids; that means no one is watching the kids. There should always be someone designated to watch the kids, especially when they’re around water.


Pick up a Water Watcher tag at your local YMCA, and pledge to be a Water Watcher. This means, making sure all kids are being ‘watched’ while in or around the water.

1. Pick up your Water Watcher tag at your local YMCA

2. Take the Water Watcher Pledge to keep kids safe in and around the water:

I pledge to be a Water Watcher

To keep kids safe in and around the water

I agree to:

Actively watch the children

Keep my eyes on the water

Avoid distractions

Pull all children out of the water and call 911 in an emergency.

3. On May 3, take a photo with your Water Watcher tag, and Tweet or Post on Twitter, Facebook and

4. Then, share it with family and friends, local celebrities you know, and ask them to do the same.

5. If you can’t get to a YMCA to pick up a tag, download it here!


Help us increase water safety awareness within the community. The more we get the word out, the more likely we are to prevent another death.