YMCA Reads!

Sample Mentor Lesson Plan

Please check off each activity completed with each group J. Please make notes for behavior/academic strengths or weaknesses, anything you find might help me out with planning activities.

Date: 12-14-15

Volunteers: Latricia and Shana

Kids Extension: Lekendrick, Aniya, Jon, Xzavier – call me ASAP if you need help with behaviors


*Snack and Bathroom (SIMA)

*Sima splits kids into groups

Sipps with Sima

Comprehension text: Drawing Conclusions pg. 7/8

  • read through the texts WITH the kids one time. Then tell the kids to read it quietly out loud two more times to themselves. Give support. Be sure to have students sound out words that can be decoded.
  • Then go through the questions and let the kids work on them. Give support as needed. Be sure to tell them they must highlight or underline their evidence in the text.
  • Check for capitalization and punctuation, correct sentence structure as they work

Word families –an and -ank: white board and EXPO markers Tell them you are working on word families which means each word will have the same sound ending. Shana can do this when other group reads (last activity) and then switch.

  • “We are working on the word families –an and –ank today. Which sound, short or long, is the a sound in-an? What about in -ank? We will start with –an words. Say an. Write an. Now add /b/ (say sound not letter name) to -an. What word did you make? (ban) Now drop /b/ and add /c/ (sound of /c/, don’t say the letter). What’s the new word? (can). Now drop the /c/ and add /f/. What’s the new word?” (fan) Continue this routine for all the –an words. When finished, flip your chart around and have them read the words chorally in each column.
  • repeat steps for long a –ank word family

Long “u” Words

  • Read the directions to the students. Then ask, “what does long u say? (/u/ as in the letter’s name and /oo/ as in hoot)
  • Now have the kids read the words in the box out loud together. Give support.
  • Now go through each sentence and have the kids chorally read the sentence and choose the correct long u word that finishes the sentence. Correct if need be.

Long vowel ____e word list: Remind the students they have been working on long vs. short vowels. Ask them what a final e does to the first vowel (give support if need be). Then follow the directions on the pink sticky note attached.

Trade books: Fluency/Comprehension (10-15 minutes) do text #7 and 12 with Lekendrick while others read books Give each student a book. Tell them to whisper read (quietly read out loud) to you. Give support when needed. You will need to pay close attention to each as they read. You can ask questions to be sure they understand what they are reading. You can also read one of the books with the students and have them help you read words. And then ask the kids whole group questions. BUT give them independent reading time first!

  • Where does the story take place, also known as the setting?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • What is happening so far in your book?
  • Do you like the book, why or why not?
  • Is it fiction (fake) or nonfiction (real) and how do you know (evidence from pictures/text)?
  • What do you think the big or main idea is?
  • Why do you think the author wrote this book?