Florida YMCA Youth In Government

Requirements for Advisors

The Youth In Government Advisor plays a key role in shaping the experience of each participating delegate. The advisor’s job is to act as a facilitator/supervisor – helping the student leaders to meet the goals and deadlines necessary to have a complete experience. 
Remembering that it is one of Florida YMCA Youth In Government’s goals to have a youth-run, youth-led program, perhaps the largest and most difficult job of the advisor is to create and maintain the parameters in which the Chapter will operate.  In other words, to make sure that the students meet their goals, the program goals, and to generally prevent the “wheels from coming off” while allowing student leaders to continue to grow.  
To this end, advisors must meet the following minimum criteria:
  • Be at least 21 years of age (unless approved by the State Youth in Government Office and local YMCA)
  • Be screened and trained as a YMCA volunteer per the local policies and regulations
  • Be familiar with the mission and core values of the YMCA
  • Be a positive role model to delegates
  • Be committed to supporting a youth-run, youth-led program and assisting students with their growth & development as leaders
  • Be willing to supervise the organization’s goals and programs, within the Chapter’s constitution and bylaws
  • Have group facilitation experience or be willing to be trained in this area


A YMCA Youth In Government Advisor’s responsibilities include:
  • Recruiting, training, and supervising high school and/or middle school youth to form a Chapter
  • Facilitating a team building process where learning, individual growth, and skill development are encouraged
  • Be aware and abide by current accepted YMCA health and safety standards
  • Receive, read and understand all program bulletins and assure all deadlines are met
  • Ensure that the YIG program and local YMCA policies are adhered too
  • Ensure that the YIG Code of Conduct is understood and agreed to by all delegates, parents, volunteers, and advisors
  • Guide students to learn from their successes and failures
  • Supervise the development of:
    • a schedule of meetings, planning of special events/fundraisers, and the preparation of delegates for their roles within their program areas. Attend all meetings.
    • a budget in conjunction with local YMCA & school and their respective policies and/or regulations
    • a process to fairly allocate State Assembly spots among Chapter delegates (Sr. YIG Only) 
  • Ensure that appropriate formats are used for Assembly submissions are followed (bills, lobbyist position papers, press releases, cabinet proposals, and legal briefs)
  • Actively seek local community and political involvement and support for the Chapter (program alumni, attorneys, judges, service Chapters, legislators, etc.).
  • Attend the Fall Delegate Convention (Sr. YIG Only) 
  • Attend all advisor meetings and assist with general conference duties
  • Act as a liaison between the local YMCA and the YIG program
  • Actively support the YIG program goals and objectives
  • Participate in advisor development or training when available