Florida YMCA Youth In Government

High School (Sr. YIG)


Since 1957, Florida YMCA Youth In Government has empowered young servant leaders to experience the law-making process first-hand. 

Programs such as Youth Advocacy Days, Y-Corps: Service in the Sunshine, and the Conference on National Affairs have given Florida teens the ability to have their perspectives heard and discussed. Florida YMCA Youth In Government’s largest program is State Assembly, designed to familiarize high school students with the process, organization, and roles involved with our state’s governmental process.

Local chapters work together on debate practices, service-learning projects, fundraising efforts, and State Assembly preparation. Students choose an area of focus and through this lens delegates are given the means to learn about their specific role in the context of state government.

Florida YMCA Youth In Government State Assembly is comprised of four major program areas – LegislativeExecutiveJudicial, and Lobbyists.

Participants of Florida’s YMCA Youth In Government program are routinely rewarded with scholarshipscollege creditcommunity recognition, and most importantly the awareness and confidence to be the kind of leaders our state and country need.