Florida YMCA Youth In Government

Roles in YIG

Student Roles:

Chapter President:  Selected to lead the local Chapter by its membership, according to Chapter Constitution and Bylaws.

Delegate:  Any Chapter member who participates in any of Youth In Government’s high school programs.

In order to be qualified to attend the State Assembly, all members of Youth In Government must meet the following criteria.

  • Be in good standing with your local Chapter
  • Attended the Fall Delegate Convention
  • Complete at least 10 hours of community service prior
  • Complete Pre-Assembly Submission (Bill, Brief, Position Paper, etc.) associated with the selected program area

Jr. Delegate:  Any Chapter member who participates in any of Youth In Government’s middle school programs.

Presiding Officers (PO):  Delegates who have been popularly elected or appointed from their program areas to serve at the Fall District Conference and State Assembly, as well as provide leadership during the program year.

The POs meet multiple times during the program year to discuss, plan, set the expectations and direction for their peers, as well as execute the details of the programs and conferences of Youth In Government.

Supporting Officers (SO):  Appointed to assist in making their particular program areas function. The Supporting Officers are responsible for making certain that the State Assembly flows smoothly. These officers are appointed by the PO who oversees the particular program area, to serve at only at the State Assembly.

Adult Roles:

Advisor:  A facilitator/supervisor who assists youth leadership in meeting the goals and deadlines necessary to have a complete “youth-run, youth-led” experience.

Chaperone:  An adult who accompanies delegates to any Youth In Government training, Assembly, or event not serving in an advisory capacity.  These volunteers must meet local school and YMCA requirements and screenings.

Delegation Leader (DL):  YMCA staff member who coordinates the activities and needs of the Chapters which fall into a Delegation. Delegations are defined by the service area of a corporate YMCA.

Graduate Advisors (GA):  Alumni of any Youth In Government program (one to multiple years removed from the program), who provide the means to make the State Assembly possible, as well as mentor upcoming officers and student leaders.