Florida YMCA Youth In Government

Servant Leadership Conferences


Spots to attend SLC are limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. We hope you’ll plan to join us!!

In the Fall and Spring of each year Florida YMCA Youth In Government hosts our annual Servant Leadership Conferences (SLC) in an effort to create a community for youth leadership of our Sr. YIG chapters and the Y-Staff who work with them.

Chapters are encouraged to send…

  • Chapter Leadership (President, Vice Pres, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.)
  • Anyone considering running for a state-wide office
  • Community Service Chairs
  • Program Specialists (Example: A delegate who oversees the Judicial program)
  • Underclassmen who show leadership potential
  • Y-staff and Advisors

The Fall Servant Leadership Conference will, over the course of two and a half days and two nights, through workshops and activities will cover:

  • How to teach your peers to take your program to the next level
  • The secrets of “How to Judicial”
  • Interrogations and how to use them
  • How to control debate from the floor, cabinet room, or committee chamber (or press box)
  • Leveraging your Network
  • Taking your Leadership to the next level

The 2019 Fall Servant Leadership Conference will be held September 6th-8th. Registration is due August 30th.


The Spring Servant Leadership Conference will, over the course of two and a half days and two nights, through workshops and activities will cover:

  • Chapter Admin – The day to day yadda-yadda of running YIG
  • Chapter Recruitment/Retention – Get members.  Keep them.
  • Leading your Peers – Get your friends to meet deadlines without becoming a crazy dictator.
  • Budgets and Fundraisers – How much dough you actually need.  Where and how you get it.
  • Working with your Y – It’s more than just a letter.
  • Servant Leadership – What is it and why it is vital to securing your Chapter’s future.
  • The YIG Culture & Lexicon – How would you do in an Aardvark off?