While the world is facing this unprecedented health emergency, we are doing what we can to alleviate the stress. Whether it’s providing childcare to health care providers and essential workers, hosting food banks and meal pickup for families, providing virtual academic programming for youth or keeping them entertained with camp activities, or reaching out to our senior population to let them know they are not alone, our Y's are making sure our services are still available to all in this time of need.

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By the numbers:

  • 900+ children are enrolled in YMCA Relief Childcare each day to support medical personnel, first responders and other essential workers, so that they can continue their focus on public health. While schools are closed, hundreds of children are safe and engaged at the Y while their parents continue working as doctors, nurses, laboratory and pharmacy staff, first responders, postal and grocery personnel. 
  • 2500+ meals are served each week to children, families, and seniors in need. Through partnerships with Feeding Florida, Council on Aging, and other community leaders, we are joining a combined effort to fight food insecurity during these unprecedented times.
  • 20+ blood drives have been hosted at YMCAs throughout the state to address the critical need for donations during this public health crisis with 144 lifesaving donations, 95 new donors, and a potential to save 432 lives

Thank you to our partners:



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Impact In Action

"What a GREAT DAY at the Pullum Y today. It feels like the Twilight Zone…at least for me.  Today we had a great visit from Lorrie Justice.  She dropped off Easter bags for the kids in Camp.  We are also in the middle of a food drive (34 meals donated), so she made some extra for families who might have small kids. What a great example of how our team is making a difference, not just to our members and community, but each other.  Kristin—what a great example from your team member.  The impact she will make is FANTASTIC! It is times like this, and examples like Lorrie, that I am thankful for not only what we are doing, but who we are doing it with."
- From the Northwest Florida YMCA

"The single parent of a six-year-old Martin County child recently contacted me, in tears, and explained that if she could not find childcare arrangements soon she would have no choice but to send her child to Idaho to live with a relative until the pandemic ended. This parent, a low-wage, but essential healthcare worker, has no family on the Treasure Coast and cannot afford to pay out of pocket for childcare. Her employer has given as much flexibility as possible, but had recently given the parent an ultimatum – find childcare or lose her job. Fortunately, the YMCA was able to connect this parent with the new State funding recently made available through the Early Learning Coalition. The parent jumped on the opportunity and we are hoping to have the child in care by the end of the week."
- From the YMCA of the Treasure Coast

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